sea legs (ondoyant) wrote,
sea legs

Hello, lovelies. Just a quick note here to tell you that I am working on SUID, but it won't be up today. In between my sister having a baby, finals coming up in a few weeks, and being in the middle of three research papers + 18 hours of online homework I have to make up, + regular work.. I've been super disgustingly busy. Give me a bit and I'm going to attempt to write enough to get ahead, and then I'll be set to post again. We're in the final stretch, past the half way point, and I know exactly what's going to happen. This won't be abandoned or anything, there's just going to be a slightly longer gap between updates. I'm sorry, but you are all so wonderful and I can't even properly express how happy all of your comments make me.

<3 love love love
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